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SCANDAL; Girls Band SCANDAL’s Visit ~inochi Mirai Project~

"On 29th August, the main institution’s 14th level’s conference room were visited by 4 people from the girls band, SCANDAL. Professor Sawa Yoshiki led the meeting into progression, giving hints for the making of the inochi Mirai Project’s official theme song. Prior to that, the children were requested to contribute contents to a survey, including their their dreams for the future etc. SCANDAL also did an exchange with the children that were hospitalised. In this visit, since the members had thought,「They’ll like to meet the children who took the survey directly」, that has come true."

"At the start, the children were also nervous, but as they spoke, their expressions became softer, and they enjoyed communicating with SCANDAL. For the members of SCANDAL as well, they said enthusiastically,「Since we’ll like to present a theme song that everyone is able to sing together, we certainly wish for everyone to listen to the song that is formed from their voices.」"

Original article at Osaka Univeristy Hosp HERE, translation by fyscandalband. → In more news, SCANDAL’s live at today’s inochi Festa will be aired on FM802’s「ROCK KIDS 802 」this Monday. Will post the OA once it’s up.

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